Leonardo Da Vinci is no doubt one of the most admired historical figures. He has inspired many scientists and artists and is widely acknowledged as one of the brightest minds in history. Full of renaissance spirit, he worked hard to unravel the mysteries of the universe and find technological advances to overcome human limitations.

Aurora Pens has honoured this great person by producing a wonderful limited edition of fountain pens and rollerball pens. Leonardo was fascinated by birds’ ability to fly, and wished most of all to give mankind that same ability. The fountain pens have a special nib in the shape of a bird feather, and inscriptions from his sketches on the flight of birds. Aurora Leonardo Limited Edition includes two models: one which is completely made of gold, and another which is made of Gold and lacquer. On both models, the pen includes an innovative lever-system to fill the pen!

Take a look at this beautiful limited edition at Iguana Sell!!

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